Townhouses for Rent in Austin, Texas

Townhouses are a style of multi-floor home that share one to two walls with adjacent properties but have their own entrances. In the suburbs, townhouses are often uniform homes built in a distinct community that might have its own homeowner’s association. Newer urban townhouses might also have a uniform look and an association, but older townhouses in cities tend to be more traditional rowhomes that can stretch for city blocks with less restrictive or no HOAs.There are various pros to buying a townhouse.
  • Cost: If you’re considering a townhouse that shares walls with other townhomes, it can be less expensive to buy than a detached single-family home in the same area, even if they have a similar square footage.
  • Maintenance: The smaller size of a townhouse means that it requires less maintenance. If there’s an HOA, it might take care of the exterior maintenance on the property, as well.
  • Amenities: Townhouses built as part of development might include amenities such as a pool or clubhouse.
  • Outdoor space: Townhouses often come with access to a small amount of outdoor space or a patio and possibly a private garage.
At Homebase ATX we provide you with fully furnished garden view townhomes with all amenities like internet connection, trash pickup, utilities, etc.