Short Term Lease In Austin, Texas

Are you looking for a short-term lease of a fully furnished apartment in Austin, Texas?

Homebase ATX is here to help! Get furnished short-term lease apartments with our realtors in Austin. All our properties are vetted and you are assured luxury and comfort. Our personal touch ensures that you get the option of best-furnished rentals near you in Austin.

Our properties come with leases starting from 3 months that are ideal for:


As representatives of the company, all executives should ensure that their travel speaks for the company. Hence, make sure your housing is not only comfortable, but also stylish.

Traveling Nurses

As a travelling nurse, we understand that your work hours can leave you exhausted. Come back to the comfort of your home away from home. Find your short term lease as a traveling nurse!


Being a personality can take you to many places! If you are coming to Austin, we have the right place to stay at. Comfortable and luxurious, exactly what you and your blog family needs!

Travel Technician

As a travel technician, some major projects can last well over few months. Spend your days in apartments, condos or homes away from your home. Perfect housing and space to store your tools and keep moving!


Working on an exciting project? Let us find the best short term rental housing for you in Austin. Live in fully furnished homes. And if you wish to bring your furry friend, we have many pet-friendly rentals too!

Sales Agents

Sales can take you all over the country and the world, but if you are in Austin, feel comfortable and enjoy your stay in one of our rentals. Our fully furnished rentals have everything you need!