Austin is located in central Texas on the Colorado River. It is the capital of Texas and is named as one of the best places to live in America. Austin is a wonderful city with a booming economy and exciting culture that makes it a nice place to live. This famously musical city is famous for many things that give people several reasons to choose it as a place for their work and living. The greenbelt and rich history/culture make Austin famous among world-traveling tourists. We have the perfect solution for bother travellers and relocating families who would like to rent furnished homes!

Homebase ATX is a corporate leasing and relocation company based in Austin, Texas. We are known for providing corporate housing and relocation services to help the people who are moving to Austin for work contracts or any short-term projects. Homebase ATX is a top-notch solution for a well-furnished home with cookware, dishes, T.V., basic internet service, repair and management service, laundry service, free parking, and lawn care services (if needed). As a trusted choice, Homebase ATX is able to meet all the requirements of the people who are planning to move to the city with the demand for a shorter lease.

Let’s get into the points why you might want to be in Austin this summer:

  1. Music festivals: Austin is famous for its creative culture and proves to be the best place for you to spend a summer full of music. Every year, music fests are organized with the major artists from around the globe.  From electronic music to jazz, you’ll find something for your taste. At any of these fests, you can enjoy the local food and local vendors. Spend summer in the sun singing along too few of the best artists out there.
  1. Restaurants: Austin has plenty of restaurants that are famous for their delicious taste, ambience and food. Enjoy some legendary Tex-Mex, tasty breakfast tacos and juicy barbecue in Austin. Experience the magic of southern food in the heart of Texas. Over the last decade, Austin has seen a complete change in dining scene. So, make sure you explore the best food out there. Situated around luxury condos and townhouses in Austin, you’ll find some upscale restaurants also if that’s what you like.
  1. Weather: Austin has long hot summers and mild winters. It has many places to go and spend your time outside in the lap of nature. Austin has many lakes and parks with beautiful views and so many activities to make your day more special. You can go fishing, boating, picnic and more. Spring in Austin is soothing and beautiful. You have several places to go in Austin and plan your day for a picnic, drive through the city, hang out, andmore all under the bright sun.
  1. Best place for artists and creative people: The culture in the city is creative and artistic. The respect for the creative mindset and opportunities are high from any other place in the world. If you are also an artist or enjoy the art, you’ll find Austin, Texas the most beautiful and comforting place. You will feel a connection and can enjoy the masterpiece here of different art forms by the extraordinary talent.
  1. Adventure activities and Sports: Austin is full of several adventure activities like dog walking, skiing, fishing, bike trails, and the football game is famous and the crowd here is a big fan to be there in the stadiums and shout like crazy ones whenever there is a time of the football game. If you haven’t watched this in your life, you are missing a memorable experience.
  1. Work Opportunities: Austin is a thriving economy and well balanced in all the sectors and major big companies are set up in Austin to offer vast work opportunities with handsome salaries. Spend the summer here to take advantage of the booming opportunities.


Austin offers a wide variety of activities and entertainment. We have top-rated breakfast tacos, high-quality music venues, and the best BBQ in the state. Austin’s eclectic culture, beautiful natural landscape, and diversity have made it a prime location for the technology industry. The combination of these three things has made Austin a worldwide destination for both business and pleasure. Austin is the perfect place to live, work, and play.

Homebase ATX is there to make your journey easier with its corporate housing and relocation services for moving to Austin, Texas.

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