Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a property that is vacant and one that is staged? Or whether tenants will respond better to the vacant or staged property?

Staging a property means getting your home well-furnished and away from all the distractions for the potential buyer by managing the renovation, cleaning, and repairing to make it more attractive for the buyer. Home staging for rental properties can make the buyer more interested and build their trust for buying your property. Home staging helps to sell the home for rentals quickly and allows the owner to earn more money. Home staging can help to meet their expectations and they become more interested to go for the deal and become ready to pay the highest possible price.

Homebase ATX is a corporate leasing and relocation company in Austin that is known for helping people by providing them with relocation services and short-term leases. We are committed to fulfilling your needs and expectations by helping you in searching the condos, townhouses, houses according to your requirement. The properties are well furnished and already equipped with the basic needs and services. Homebase ATX helps you to get the home which is already gone through professional property staging by completing all the requirements from adjusting the furniture to cleaning to decorating to providing you the basic cookware and internet service. Let’s get into the points:

  1. Attract tenants for short-term rentals: Staging before renting is highly beneficial as it helps to attract the people who are looking for short-term rentals in the city. They prefer to live in a place that is well managed with all the facilities. They want to eliminate all the problems and prefer to choose the comfort and facilities for maintaining their livelihood.
  1. More money: Staging a rental property means rearranging, decorating everything to eliminate all the problems and distractions, and providing the tenants all the benefits and facilities while moving. This helps to attract the buyers who are more interested in the long term and ready to pay the high rent. Therefore, buyers can pay a good amount of money as they are more satisfied.
  1. Lower vacancy rate:  Staging helps to attract the tenants searching for short-term rentals that help to reduce vacancy rates. This helps to get a better lease term and a good amount of rent.
  1. Better online presence: Staging helps to improve the online presence and improve listings because of the better interior photographs that help to attract better tenants. This helps to increase your reach and helps you to reach out to the potential buyers that will be ready to buy the property at a higher rent. This helps to deal with the competition in the marketplace and can help in better engagement and attract high traffic.
  1. Analyze space better: Staging means making it well furnished before renting it that allows the tenants to understand and analyse the space better according to their needs and requirements. They can go through everything and understand every space and corner more in detail to check whether it can go with work and lifestyle or not.


Staging a property before renting is a good idea because it allows you to make the most out of your property. Preparing your home before renting it out can be a big undertaking, especially if you are also trying to rent your home out as quickly as possible. A properly staged home will give you a more efficient showing, which can result in a quicker move-in for your new tenant and a potentially higher rental price. If you’re thinking about renting out your property, then you should know that renting a property is not the same as selling one. While you may want to sell your property for a price that is higher than its market value, you should also consider how to rent a property out for a price that is lower than the market rate. This is because when you rent a property out, you want to make sure that you’re able to optimize your profits. By staging your property before you rent it out, you’ll be able to advertise it as a rental property and make sure that it’s appealing to potential renters. This is important because once you advertise your property as a rental property, you’ll be able to get a better sense of what your property is worth on the rental market.

Homebase ATX is a leading company to help clients get timely and effective relocation services and corporate leases. If you are planning to come to Austin, Texas, our team is ready to guide you through a smooth journey.